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I already have a domain name – can I still use it?

No problem. Call us and we will talk you through how it works.

Do you host my website?

To get the best out of us and your website, we recommend using our robust, super-powered, cloudbased hosting service.

Can I host my website elsewhere?

Absolutely. But to be able to edit your website moving forward it needs to be hosted with us on our servers. If you still would like to host elsewhere, let us know and we will give you your website files once the website has been completed. 

Can I add more pages after my website goes live?

With our system, once the website has been built, you can add as many new pages as you like. Just contact us and ask for a quote.

Can I edit my site on both PC's and Mac's?

Most certainly. All our websites can be edited from any current browser. However, we do recommend that you have the most current version of your browser installedon your computer. 

Do I have to update the website myself?

We’ve made it easy for you to do it yourself, but you don’t have to. If you’d like us to update your site for you, we can do it at our usual hourly artwork rate.

How quickly can I get a website?

It really depends on the scale of the website, together with the features you would like incorporated. Our standard, Nettl: mini sites can be built in a matter of days, with more bespoke sites taking slightly longer. 

How should I supply text and images to you?

We prefer to have your files supplied to us digitally in Word format, and images saved as JPEGs or PNGs. We can work with just about any format though, so if you have them in a  different format just ask us for advice.

What if I don't have any text and images?

We can help you with both text and images. Our content writers can help you with the copy and we have access to an image library of 47 million photos – something for everyone!

How can I find out how my website performs?

Once your website is live, we can set up your site for use through Google Analytics which will give you lots of detail with and pretty graphs.

I want to sell my products online. Can you help?

Sure. If you’ve got a small range of products or services, we can help you sell them online.

Do I get a proof?

Sure. When we build our websites, we will show you a live working website to approve before we go live. We will start off with one or two pages and once approved, will build the rest.

How secure is my site?

Your new site will not open to development from outside, unfounded or untrusted sources. Your site will be just fast, responsive HTML – there is no code to be left unmaintained and no database to be hacked. It’s also housed within our proprietary system. Communication of data to and from is encrypted all the way from your browser to our servers using secure TLS HTTPS encryption. This ensures that any personal information can only be seen by you and us.

Do you offer email hosting?

Yes we do. If you have an existing email address you can keep your emails as they are or if you would like us to create a new email address, we can create you a Gmail account and link it to your domain.

What if I make changes that I want to revert?

You have as much or as little control as you want when editing your website. We have full revision control so can revert to latest backup should you require.

Ready. Set. Go responsive from £299

We want your web experience to be as smooth and hassle free as possible. To get your site upgraded or to start a new one just pop in to your local printing.com studio for a FREE consultation. We’ll listen to your requirements and talk you through the options.